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Information on the latest vitamin D news and research.

Find out more information on deficiency, supplementation, sun exposure, and how vitamin D relates to your health.

Vitamin D linked to women’s cognitive health

Two recent studies appearing in the Journals of Gerontology: Series A suggests that vitamin D plays a vital role in the cognitive health of aging women.

Cedric Annweiler, MD, PhD, and colleagues found that increased vitamin D intake is associated with a lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Annweiler’s team divided 498 older women from a community into three groups – no dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, or other dementias – and studied the onset of dementia in a 7 year time period. Women who eventually developed Alzheimer’s disease had significantly lower baseline vitamin D status than those who didn’t develop Alzheimer’s or those who developed other dementias.

Similarly, researchers led by Yelena Slinin, MD, MS, at the VA Medical Center in Minneapolis found that vitamin D deficiency among older women is associated with higher risk of cognitive impairment and decline.

Assessing 6,257 community-dwelling elderly women, Slinin and colleagues found that women with vitamin D levels <10 ng/ml had an increased risk of cognitive impairment and decline at baseline compared with women with vitamin D levels ≥30 ng/ml.


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