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A tragic tale repeated: mistaking infantile rickets for child abuse

Another parent, Rebecca J. Wanosik, is fighting to regain custody of her five children after her baby was tragically misdiagnosed with child abuse.

Rebecca’s daughter, Zeydn, had suffered a broken arm and three fractured ribs at just 2 months old. As a result, the pediatrician called state child protection authorities and all children were placed into foster care.

The family consulted with world renowned vitamin D researcher and endocrinologist, Dr. Michael Holick. He diagnosed Zeydn with infantile rickets caused by a vitamin D deficiency along with another connective tissue disorder.

Zeydn’s vitamin D levels were 4.3 ng/ml, a level Dr. Holick described as “almost undetectable.” This vitamin D status is far from the Vitamin D Council’s recommended range between 40 and 80 ng/ml and would explain the injuries that Zeydn had suffered.

The new evidence has given Rebecca hope that she will be reunited with her children soon.

“Our children have suffered enough, and it is time to rebuild our lives to establish a new sense of normalcy together. It is time to start healing.” she said.

Meanwhile, mother of five children, Rebecca Wanosik must wait for the state’s decision, but her family is certain that they will be vindicated.


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