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Information on the latest vitamin D news and research.

Find out more information on deficiency, supplementation, sun exposure, and how vitamin D relates to your health.



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What is the in-home vitamin D test kit?

The Vitamin D Council in-home vitamin D test kit is an easy, affordable and accurate way to find out your vitamin D status and determine if you are getting enough vitamin D.

The Vitamin D Council has partnered with Heartland Assays to bring the best home-testing solution on the market, the cheapest available in the United States.

The convenience of an in-home test kit, coupled with the affordability offered by the Vitamin D Council test kit, means it is easier now more than ever to know if you are vitamin D deficient and need to raise your levels or maintain them if they are in the healthy range.

The Vitamin D Council in-home vitamin D test kit can be used to measure vitamin D levels in both adults and children.

What if I’m a Vitamin D Council monthly, yearly or lifetime member?

Monthly, yearly and lifetime members of the Vitamin D Council are eligible for a discounted price on our in-home test kits! If you have a subscription with the Vitamin D Council, use your login details when ordering the test kit to receive the discounted price. Click here for more information about Vitamin D Council memberships.

How it works

  1. After ordering your test kit and creating an account (or using your existing Vitamin D Council membership), it will be shipped right to your door.
  2. Included in the test kit is a blood spot card with unique ID number, two lancets, an alcohol prep pad, a sterile gauze pad, bandage, and a return envelope and label.
  3. Read the instruction card included in the test kit and follow each step carefully to ensure proper blood spot collection. You can also watch our instructional video for additional clarification.
  4. Make note of your unique ID number so you can easily find your results when they are ready.
  5. Do NOT write your name on the blood spot card or return envelope. Heartland Assays will not be able to process your order if your name is on any of the materials returned to the lab.
  6. Once you’ve completed the spot collection, mail your spot card using the return envelope. If you live in the United States, you don’t need to pay any return shipping costs.
  7. Please allow 5 business days from when you send your spot card for Heartland Assays to receive it.
  8. When Heartland Assays receives your spot card, you will receive an email within 7-14 business days notifying you that your results are ready.
  9. Log in to your account on the Vitamin D Council website to see your results.

What do your results mean?

The Vitamin D Council has several articles on vitamin D testing and on interpreting results. For more information, please see these pages:

Who is Heartland Assays?

Heartland LogoHeartland Assays, LLC is a small midwest company located in Ames, Iowa and is excited to be partnering with the Vitamin D Council in providing affordable vitamin D blood spot testing to its readers, subscribers and the general public.

Heartland Assays also provides analytical services to researchers and clinicians particularly in the area of vitamin D and calcium metabolism. With access to cutting edge technology and over 60 years of combined experience of its principals, Dr. Ron Horst and Dr. Bruce Hollis, Heartland Assays has the knowledge, skills and expertise to provide a one-stop shop for most vitamin D analytical needs.

Heartland Assays is CLIA and CAP certified and participates in the DEQAS proficiency testing scheme.

Please visit Heartland Assay’s website for more information and a full list of services www.heartlandassays.com.


  • By ordering the Vitamin D Council in-home test, I agree and understand that I have not entered into a doctor-patient relationship with Executive Director of the Vitamin D Council, Dr. John Cannell, who provides the doctor’s order for the test.
  • I understand that Dr. John Cannell is not my doctor.
  • I understand that the test kit will report my 25(OH)D level. The results of this test are strictly for reference, not for any diagnostic purposes.
  • California disclaimers regarding testing do not apply.
  • State health laws prohibit the test of specimens collected in or mailed from New York and Maryland and prohibits the transmission of data from Heartland Assays to New York and Maryland physicians or residents. The Vitamin D Council and Heartland Assays are not able to process these orders.
Shipping & Return Policies
No PO Boxes – a physical address is required for delivery. Orders typically ship within two business days but date and time of order shipment or delivery is not guaranteed. It is the receiver’s responsibility to pay any sales and/or country taxes, international import fees and custom duties. NY and MD residents: Due to special restrictions, no orders will be shipped to the state of NY or MD. Estimated delivery times do not include weekends or holidays. Shipping fees are non-refundable. The original test kit, including all contents must be returned to Vitamin D Council before any refunds can be issued.

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