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Tanning Salons seem to all use High Pressure UVA beds/booths; I can find no low pressure UVB beds near my home. Why has government regulation resulted in the this very harmful device? Will have to get all my 25(OH)D from supplements in winter.

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Asked by  Dan on November 5, 2014


  • Dan
     Dan on

    See title

    Answered by  Dan on

  • tanlines
     tanlines on

    Actually most professional sunbeds do provide enough UVB to promote Vitamin D production in exposed skin. The ratio of UVA/UVB is higher, but the underlying UVB can still stimulate over 10,000 IU per session, adjusted for skin type and facultive pigmentation. The ‘higher power’ tube style lamps though considered by many to fit into the name HP are actually VHOR lamps very capable of stimulating over 20,000 IU

    Answered by  tanlines on