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My doc has me taking 50,000 units of Vitamin D weekly. I have been taking this dose for at least 2 years. This seems like a high dosage to me. Is anyone else taking this much by prescription and if so, how long have you been on that dosage?

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Asked by  dawnburklow25202600 on March 11, 2015


  • dawnburklow25202600
     dawnburklow25202600 on

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    Answered by  dawnburklow25202600 on

  • IAW
     IAW on

    First of all is this a prescription for Vitamin D? If it is it is most likely D2 and not the D3 that is recommended for humans. So 50,000 iu divided by 7 days = about 7100 iu a day. We recommend people take there Vitamin D daily if possible. So we try and recommend that adults take 5000 iu a day. (Pregnant women should take more.) More importantly you need to have your blood levels checked. So once you are taking D3 you are looking for a minimum blood level of 50ng/ml. If you cannot reach that goal then you need to take more. (People who weigh more may have to take more to reach that goal.) So I am more worried about is it D2 or D3 then taking the equivalent of 7100 iu a day. Once you reach that goal you need to continue taking that amount or else Vitamin D levels will just go right back down!

    Answered by  IAW on