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My 11 months old son had blood work done to check his vitamin D. It's low, the number my Dr gave me was 21 and that 40 was normal. Is this a dangerously low number? Like could cause bone growth issues and such? I am upping his supplement from 1 to 2-3 drops (400iu per drop) per Dr recommendation. But just wondered about the level. Also we live in Michigan so I'm sure I'm deficient too and he is breast fed.

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Asked by  Shanski291142600 on June 29, 2016


  • Shanski291142600
     Shanski291142600 on

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  • IAW
     IAW on

    Here is a great article to read at http://www.vitamindcouncil.org/further-topics/vitamin-d-during-pregnancy-and-breastfeeding/. It explains a lot more than what I can put here.
    If you yourself are not taking at least 4000-6000iu of Vitamin D a day, then you will have very little to no Vitamin D in your breast milk. And yes you too are most likely deficient.
    Your child has an excellent doctor since most do not even check Vitamin D levels. He told you 40ng/ml was normal but we here at the VDC recommend 50ng/ml as the level to try and maintain for you and the baby to be healthy.
    For babies we recommend 1000iu for every 25lbs of body weight. If I were you I would do the 3 drops for 1200iu rather than 2 drops at 800iu.
    As for the level (my opinion) it could have been a lot worse had you not been giving your baby any Vitamin D.

    Answered by  IAW on