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Just got my lab results on the D. Came back at 37 ng/ml. I have been supplementing with 3000 iu for about 3 months. Is that enough to make my normal 37 now Does it mean presupplementation was really low. Am I okay to increase to get to 50 or at least above 40. Thoughts please

Ask the Vitamin D Council

Asked by  jebalth32423100 on January 7, 2016


  • jebalth32423100
     jebalth32423100 on

    See title

    Answered by  jebalth32423100 on

  • IAW
     IAW on

    Most average weight people (150lbs) have to take 5000iu a day to reach a goal of 50ng/ml which is what the Vitamin D Council recommends. This is a level that will keep you healthy. Your pre supplementation level (my guess) was probably around 10-12ng/ml.
    As long as you are having no problems, it is safe to take 5000iu a day.

    Answered by  IAW on