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Information on the latest vitamin D news and research.

Find out more information on deficiency, supplementation, sun exposure, and how vitamin D relates to your health.

It's a damn disgrace that you charge a fee for readers to get information about Vitamn D. Shame on you.

Ask the Vitamin D Council

Asked by  e5m6y67295300 on February 3, 2016

  • Amber Tovey
     Amber Tovey on

    Thanks Ivy for clarifying why we charge a fee. As you will notice, most content is now available to the public. Ideally, we would like to have all of our content open access. However, as Ivy pointed out, most of our funding comes from membership fees and donations. Thus, we are currently coming up with new incentives for memberships, such as exclusive discounts. Members allow us to continue to exist, and we are forever grateful for their support.

    In addition, we are here to answer any vitamin D questions that the public has. Please let us know if there is any information that you are searching for and either can’t find on the site or is unavailbale.


    Amber Tovey
    Program Manager
    Vitamin D Council

    Answered by  Amber Tovey on

  • IAW
     IAW on

    There is a lot of information on this website that is for free!
    Most of it has been brought to you by people like me that paid a $50.00 fee for a one year membership. This membership fee and also donations are what funds the continuation of this website and to further the education of the public.
    It takes a lot of money and people to run a non-profit organization!

    Answered by  IAW on