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is vitamin D deficiency a permanent condition and if so can it be acquired from birth?

General Discussion

Asked by  kcbrendan49148100 on May 22, 2016


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  • IAW
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    If the pregnant mother was low on Vitamin D, it would cause the baby to be low and may also cause other problems for the baby and the mother. Autism is now being linked to low Vitamin D levels during pregnancy and if the baby does not get enough Vitamin D after being born.
    So if you were born with low levels and never received enough supplemental Vitamin D or sunshine, then you could have low levels all of your life. You can correct a deficiency at any time by supplements or enough sunshine. Unfortunately if low maternal Vitamin D levels caused “permanent” damage, then that would not be fixable with any Vitamin D level. So for example many children diagnosed with Autism have been helped by correcting their Vitamin D levels. For others diagnosed with Autism Vitamin D does not change their mental status. It could however help them to sleep better and get fewer colds.

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