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I have two questions but I think some background would be helpful first. I just found out I have Vitamin D deficiency (10 test result) and that I have Hypothyroidism. My doctor has prescribed 50,000 IU D2 caps twice per week. I also had iron deficiency and Vitamin B deficiency anemia last year (my Vitamin B was bery low) but those number are up after infusions and shots. I try to eat healthy (I do not exclude anything; I just eat everything in moderation) and I'm at a healthy weight. Here are my two questions that I really hope someone can answer: First, is it possible that there is a link between my two low vitamin levels, and are there other vitamins I should take to combat deficiency at this point? Second, when is the best time to take my Vitamin D? I do suffer from insomnia so some sites suggest taking it at night, but those are much lower doses. I'd really appreciate any advice!

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Asked by  dez1332981163700 on June 9, 2016


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    First you need to read http://www.vitamindcouncil.org/about-vitamin-d/vitamin-d-and-other-vitamins-and-minerals/. It is very important!
    Was the “10” measured as ng/ml or nmol/l? If you do not know, tell me what country you live in.
    Next I have to correct the doctor. Humans “make D3” not D2 when they expose their skin to sunshine. So it is already been proved that it is better for human’s to take D3 and NOT D2. So you should get D3 and in the US it is an over the counter vitamin you can purchase. Next it is far better to take the Vitamin D in a smaller dosage everyday rather than a big dose or two big doses. If you take 50,000 times twice a week and divide by 7 days that is about 14,000iu a day. How many weeks does he have you taking that amount? Is he going to retest after a certain amount of time to check your levels again? One thing people do not always understand is once they correct their Vitamin D level they still need to take the Vitamin D every day or levels will just “plummet” again. So you will need a maintenance dosage of around 5000iu a day to keep this from happening.
    Timing during the day is not critical. I would suggest with breakfast or lunch, it needs some fat to absorb. Your insomnia is most likely coming from the D deficiency.
    Did they give you a reason for the hypothyroidism? For example do you have “high” antibody levels or did they just do a TSH test?
    Now when you say “any link between”, I think you mean the B and Vitamin D. Not enough D, can dysregulate all sorts of things, so it could have caused the low B. Hypothyroidism can also cause this too. Hypothyroidism does NOT cause low Vitamin D. Low Vitamin D comes from lack of sunshine and/or supplements. Low Vitamin D could cause Hypothyroidism if it causes the autoimmune disease Hashimoto’s. Low Vitamin D is linked to autoimmune diseases.
    We here at the VDC promote reaching and maintaining a minimum healthy Vitamin D level of 50ng/ml (125nmol/l). Levels below 40ng/ml and your chances for internal cancers rise dramatically.
    One more thing. If you start taking the Vitamin D3 and start to have any symptoms or any symptoms you have get worse, then please come back and tell me. Any lack of mineral that the Vitamin D needs to process may cause symptoms. Also sometimes people do have a “hypersensitivity” to Vitamin D and they do not know it until they start taking it and get symptoms.
    Vitamin D should only make you feel better, not worse!

    Answered by  IAW on