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I have just got back my second blood test, as three months ago my reading was 19.2 ng/ml,I am a white male weighing 80kg and 55yrs old.The new reading after taking every day 10,000UI and a little sun exposure was 84ng/ml. The app "dminder" http://dminder.ontometrics.com/ came in at 90ng/ml which was in my opinion pretty close. I have now dropped down to 5000IU the last last few weeks and noticed the app is recording a drop in my levels it is now at 83ng/ml which my blood would be 77ng/ml.It will be interesting to see if i continue to take 5000iu what my levels will plateau at.I am thinking maybe 10000IU is a good dose to take daily? What do you think? Steve

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Asked by  james_stephen07796200 on May 31, 2016

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     IAW on

    Well if you have any health conditions and depending on what they are, then you may want to be at that higher level and take the 10,000iu..
    I would pay attention to how you “feel” as your levels go down. If nothing changes at a lower level, then maybe you want to stay there.
    You do weigh more than the 150lbs that corresponds to the 5000iu, so you may need more like 6000iu a day to maintain 50ng/ml but who knows.
    More importantly, I do not have a “smart phone”, so tell me how the “dminder” works??? I am fascinated!! (Yes, in my opinion pretty close readings.)

    Answered by  IAW on