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I have had gastric bypass in 2004 and taking regular bariatric vitamins. I began having constant muscle weakness in my arms and right leg. I have been taking magnesium supplements for leg spasms/ restless legs and my mg level is normal. This week my MD ordered a Vit D level and fractionated D2/D3 levels but I don't have the fractionated level results yet. My Vit D level was 14. I don't get out in sun much yet but will when the warmer weather comes. My MD ordered OTC Vit D3 2000iu daily. I am taking the vegetable based rapid release liquid soft gels. This seems too low of a dose for me. If I continued taking this lower dose, what is the average time that it may take me to reach normal levels and decreased symptoms associated with level of 14 ?

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Asked by  ddemint695542600 on May 5, 2016


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    See title

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  • IAW
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    When you say “reach normal levels” we have to define “normal”. We here at the VDC promote a minimum level of 50ng/ml if you want to be healthy. The bottom of the range is usually 20-30ng/ml and this is NOT a healthy level. So your doctor may be trying to reach the low level and that is not good enough.
    How much Vitamin D is in your bariatric vitamins?
    An average weight person of 150lbs and no gastric bypass, needs about 5000iu a day to reach that level.
    Now if your level is 14 was that measured as ng/ml or nmol/l? You are really only interested in D3 levels and never take D2 only D3.
    If you weigh a lot more than 150lbs or have had gastric bypass, then you may need even more than the 5000iu a day to reach the 50ng/ml. In a person with gastric bypass, all fat soluble vitamins, A, E, K and D can be in danger of being low. You need to read http://www.vitamindcouncil.org/about-vitamin-d/vitamin-d-and-other-vitamins-and-minerals/.
    How much magnesium are you taking? You can still be deficient and have a normal magnesium level!
    Sunshine is a great thing to get and we encourage it. Most people do not understand though, if not supplementing, just how much sunshine you need to get in order to have healthy levels.
    How you answer some of the above questions could change my thoughts.So I would take the 5000iu and get some sun. I hope the doctor plans on checking your level again in a month or two, to see if the 5000iu is getting you anywhere because of the bypass.
    There are two many variables and unanswered questions, at this point, to know just how soon you may start feeling better.

    Answered by  IAW on