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Hi, Thank you for this excellent website. I was wondering if there were any general guidelines on maintaining optimum Vitamin D levels. I performed a blood spot test and had a level of 31.4 (nmol/L). I chose to undertake high dose supplementation with 15,000 IU for 30 days. At this point I re-tested and the level had risen to 153 (nmol/L). I decreased the dose to 10,000 IU for the next 10 days when brings me to the current day. I am wondering if this level of supplementation is too high given that I have optimized the level. I have read the page on your website about the average supplementation needed to achieve and maintain a level but was not sure if these figures for daily dosage where for indefinite supplementation or for a certain period followed by a dose reduction. I should also mention that my BMI is >30. Thanks.

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Asked by  Anonymous on January 14, 2016


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    I am not a doctor or scientist, I am a member of the VDC. I think you have done a great job so far. Maintaining might be part guesswork and how many times you want or can retest yourself. The 10,000iu is the “official” safe upper limit. You may want to stay there and wait several months and retest if you can. It takes most average weight people (150lbs) 5000iu a day to maintain a blood level of 50ng/ml. You could split the difference and take an amount between 5000iu to 10,000iu and retest again later.
    Any more questions or if I was not clear, let me know.

    Answered by  IAW on