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Information on the latest vitamin D news and research.

Find out more information on deficiency, supplementation, sun exposure, and how vitamin D relates to your health.

Hi, my 4 1/2 year old (who weighs 40 lbs) has had GI issues for a month now, intermittent vomiting every couple of days and loose stools nearly the whole month. After a stool test and blood labs, results lead the doctor who's examined her to conclude that she has some sort of viral infection. I asked about treating the viral infection with a dr-monitored high dose of vitamin d, and he said he knows nothing about this. A different doctor where I live, however, recently treated a friend's child with similar symptoms, and the mother reported that the child's bounced back and is back to her normal self. Can you share any links or information regarding what research currently says about how vitamin d could help to kill off the virus? The friend's doctor told her that high vitamin d doses would kill the virus, so I'm curious why he'd have insights on this topic and the doctor whom we saw seems to know nothing about it. Thank you!

Ask the Vitamin D Council

Asked by  chattincoffeequeen48083200 on February 24, 2016

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    Well you have found our website since you made it to Q and A. I eventually hope, if you have not already, that you will read https://www.vitamindcouncil.org/about-vitamin-d/. It is very important to you and your families health.
    To make a long story short, it was once thought that Vitamin D was only for bone health. We now know that it is not Vitamin D’s only function. In fairly recent times (10-15 years) studies and research have shown that there are Vitamin D receptors all over our bodies and even in our brains.We have learned that Vitamin D can “turn genes on and off”. So if you want your genes to work properly you need enough Vitamin D to do that. Most medical professions do not have this “new” information due to a lot of government “bureaucracy”.
    So websites such as this one and others are trying to “get the word out” that Vitamin D is necessary for good health and that we need to take a lot more than the government recommends at this time, in order to be healthy. Most of this human disaster is/was caused by dermatologists telling us to avoid the “sunshine” and slather ourselves with suntan lotion that blocks the UVB rays that make Vitamin D in the human skin. Also more and more our lives are now indoors. The further away you live from the equator the less if any Vitamin D you can make in the winter time.
    Vitamin D is very much tied to our immune systems. If you do not have enough Vitamin D then your immune system can not fight off invaders.
    So our recommendation for a 40lb child is 1000iu a day for every 25lbs of body weight. So you should give your child 1000iu or 1500iu a day. This is not just until they get better than stop, it is for always. Everyone in your family should take some. Adults weighing on average 150lbs should take a minimum of 5000iu day. The 5000iu may sound high to you but in the summer sun a person can make 15000-20,000iu in a very short period of time.
    Vitamin D although named “Vitamin” is not a Vitamin. It is a precursor to a very important hormone.

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