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HI everyone, before 5 months i had a blood test, the test shown that i had 35 nmol/l (11 ng/ml), i didnt take that very seriously although i had a tirdness and also suffer from pain in differnt parts of my body espically joints, my doc gave me vit d supplemnt to take 2000 ul a day, i take it just 5 times and didnt complete the treatment, last week i did the test again and it shows that i have 44 nmol/l (13.83 ng/ml), i feel weakness in my hands and my legs very often and also i feel i cant concentrate on my study and feel like im not the same person from a cogntive aspect, i feel like i have to read very slowly to understand things, i forget alot of things, words escape from my head when i wanna say something or write something and i feel like "im not in control" also i have this kind of feeling like my head is very heavy and weird feeling of un stable balance and a feeling of falling to the ground, i wanna know if anyone had a vit d defficincy suffer from these kind of symptomps or it just me :( ??

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Asked by  razi.rabia.1119631600 on July 8, 2016

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    No you are not the only one to complain of those symptoms and you should have taken the doctor seriously.
    At levels of 10ng/ml and below your risk of Osteomalacia is going to increase drastically. You really need to take this very seriously. At levels below 40ng/ml your chances for internal cancers increases dramatically!!! (Also autoimmune disease.)
    The amount the doctor told you to take was wrong. We promote taking a minimum of 5000iu a day and maintaining a “healthy” blood level of 50ng/ml. (You may even need more than that for a while since you are so low!)
    There are Vitamin D receptors all over the human body and even in the brain. Muscles use a tremendous amount of Vitamin D.

    Answered by  IAW on