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Hello. I've just been researching Vit D and possible benefits in reducing depression. This is having previously visited my doctor (in Turkey) who gave me Devit-3 which is a single does 300,000 IU/ml dosage. My concerns are as follows: 1. It appears that. as yet, there's not enough evidence to suggest that taking a Vit D supplement will reduce depression. Correct? 2. I only observed dosages of 3000-4000 IU per day on the internet and thus am worried about taking such a large amount in one go. I read that Vit D in itself doesn't seem to have any negative effects, so in theory a large does would have the same nil negative result? Thanks

Ask the Vitamin D Council

Asked by  Mark on March 17, 2016


  • Mark
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  • IAW
     IAW on

    You are wrong, there is enough evidence that Vitamin D can reduce or eliminate depression.
    The single large dose is called a “stoss” dose and has been used a lot in the past and is still used sometimes. Having said that we here at the VDC believe and research shows, that it is better to take a smaller amount everyday rather than large amounts all at once. You stated “so in theory a large dose would have the same nil negative result” and I am not sure what you meant. If you meant that a large dose will not hurt you “since Vitamin D does not seem to have any negative effects”, then you are correct.
    So you can approach this several ways. Right now I do not know your blood level of Vitamin D unless you were tested. So we do not know just how deficient you are. I also do not know how much you weigh because the more you weigh the more Vitamin D you need. We usually recommend a minimum dosage of 5000iu a day. This is for a 150lb person and if you are not too deficient and just need to maintain. We recommend reaching a minimum blood level of 50ng/ml. The incidence of cancer increases dramatically at blood levels of around 30ng/ml and below. You could take 10,000iu a day, see if the depression stops, and then try the maintenance dosage of 5000iu. If the depression comes back then you either need the 10,000iu or something between 5-10,000iu.
    The stoss dose is like taking 10,000iu everyday for a month or 43,000iu a day for a week or 22,000iu a day for two weeks. It should last about a month BUT not necessarily! Depends on how deficient you are. Then you need to be ready with a maintenance dosage. Some doctors still seem to think that once is enough and do not discuss maintenance. Unless your habits change and you get more sunshine and you live at a good latitude, could you do without a supplement. In Turkey, at your latitude, you cannot make enough Vitamin D in winter. That is November through February. If you can get some reasonable amount of sunshine (that is another whole subject), then maybe you only need to supplement in winter. In this case the stoss dose might be enough until next September when you would need to start the supplements again.
    If you have more questions or did not understand something please ask!

    Answered by  IAW on