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Hello! I was diagnosed with Hashimotos about a year ago and at that time my vitamin D level was around 25. After three months of taking 10K/D3 a day, I was up to 38. Then about one year later, my numbers are >120 :( I had a hard time getting my numbers up in the first few months, but it seems that something happened and my numbers unfortunately sky-rocketed. My func. Dr. also said that she thinks my Hashimotos has gone into remission. My question is, since Vitamin D is fat soluble, about how long would it take my levels to get into the normal range? I got the bloodwork in November and stopped taking all vitamin D. It is now mid January and I am wondering if I should start supplementing with 2K a day (I was taking 10K/day). Obviously 10K was too much for me. I will get follow up blood work, but was curious on your thoughts. Have an OUTSTANDING day. Linna

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Asked by  vafoodscaper88652700 on January 12, 2016

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    Vitamin D has a half life of about every two weeks. Since I do not have the exact date you stopped, I will give you an example. If you had stopped 1 December than two weeks later you would be 60ng/ml, two more and 30ng/ml and two more 15ng/ml. You should never have stopped, just lowered the amount you were taking.
    Now what we do not know is if the Hashimotos’s is in remission, do you need to take 10,000iu and have a blood level of 120ng/ml to keep it there. Or possible a lower level will also keep it away. Taking 2000iu will NOT be enough. The minimum you should take is 5000iu a day. Now this is just a “guess” but 7500iu a day would probably give you a blood level of 80-90 and 6000 between 60 and 70. Unfortunately there is not a magic formula. (Since you have been without for quite some time, you may even want to take the 10,000iu for a week or so and then cut back but no lower than 5000iu.)
    The reason you went from 38 to 120 is that your body eventually “caught up” and was not using it all up as fast as you could “swallow it”. Eventually it received enough to repair things and probably does not need as much now.

    Answered by  IAW on