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Information on the latest vitamin D news and research.

Find out more information on deficiency, supplementation, sun exposure, and how vitamin D relates to your health.

Currently my wife is facing bit serious problem of vitamin D toxicity. She has taken vitamin D for 60,000 IU per day around 60 days. She is also in 6 months of pregnancy Please help. If you can advice something on this issue.

Ask the Vitamin D Council

Asked by  akshay1988in04164100 on June 26, 2016

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    See title

    Answered by  akshay1988in04164100 on

  • IAW
     IAW on

    I am not a doctor. She should seek medical attention.
    Does she have any symptoms?
    She would need to stop taking and/or eating anything with vitamin d in it and stay out of the sun until her Vitamin D levels are below 150 – 100 ng/ml (375-250nmol/l).

    Answered by  IAW on