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Can vitamin D deficiency cause body odor,sweat odor, or odor to be released from pores ?

Ask the Vitamin D Council

Asked by  envdw33b3538841600 on March 6, 2016


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    See title

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  • IAW
     IAW on

    It has never come up in discussions here. That being said, anything may be possible. I looked on the internet and there was some discussion of a lack of some minerals and or other vitamins that may cause this. One person did say that magnesium helped them. Magnesium is one of the co-factors that you need with Vitamin d or it will not work. (I do not recommend magnesium oxide. You need to get citrate or taurate or chloride etc.) It is a mineral that many are deficient in.
    The one or two people that said Vitamin D did not help were not clear on what type they took D2 or D3 and how much they took.
    Here at the VDC we recommend D3 and a minimum of 5000iu per day. (If severely deficient or weigh more than 150lbs, you may need to take more.)

    Answered by  IAW on