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Vitamin D-binding protein levels likely unimportant in vitamin D status

Last December I wrote about a study in the New England Journal of Medicine by Powe et al. that suggested the amount of bioavailable vitamin D was about the same in blacks and whites living in the United States, although it is well known that total levels of vitamin D are much lower in U.S. blacks. The study suggested, based on the bone-mineral density paradox (blacks typically have higher BMD than whites), that vitamin D status has nothing to do with the health differences between U.S. blacks and whites, although vitamin D status has been associated with racial health disparities in at least 27 other studies.

Bioavailable vitamin D is defined as 25(OH)D that is not bound to vitamin D-binding protein (DBP), a blood protein similar to the major blood protein, albumin, but much less abundant.

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  About: Tom Weishaar

After a career writing about computers and personal finance, Tom Weishaar is a doctoral student in the health education program at Teachers College, Columbia University.

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