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Postoperative vitamin D levels may predict survival outcomes in colorectal cancer

A new study from Journal of Clinical Oncology suggests that, in patients with colorectal cancer, higher vitamin D levels after surgery is associated with better survival outcomes.

Earlier this year, we published a blog visualizing the worldwide colorectal cancer mortality rates. The map and chart from this blog show a clear relationship between colorectal cancer (CRC) mortality and latitude, with increasing incidence of CRC mortality further from the equator.

While not causal, this data suggests that vitamin D may play a role in colorectal cancer because of the fact that vitamin D production from sun exposure is less in regions further from the equator.

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  About: Jeff Nicklas

Jeff Nicklas was a staff member for the Vitamin D Council from October 2013 to January 2015. He is now pursuing his passion for public health through graduate studies.

3 Responses to Postoperative vitamin D levels may predict survival outcomes in colorectal cancer

  1. D-fiant says:

    What would the world look like if doctors made sure all their patients were 40 ng/ml or 100nmol/L?

  2. Rita and Misty says:

    At minimum 40 ng/ml. This level is optimal for someone who has lifetime sufficiency. What level is necessary to correct for years of deficiency?

  3. Michael says:

    Hello, After about 20 years of hiding from the sun because the medical establishment condoned and encouraged it, my mother had part of her colon removed due to cancer.
    This Dr JoAnn Manson video that was at the top of today’s Vitamin D Counsel offerings is disgraceful. Manson, herself personally, is what is WRONG with modern medicine. This so-called doctor falls into the category of “buying her soul back from the devil” and/or better yet “covering her ass”. Only a handful of people will ever see her cautious forked tongue video, but she will have it handy if and when the tide turns against the medical/pharmaceutical establishment as concerns Vitamin D and sunscreen in general. So-called Dr. Manson has had a 30 year career making money off keeping people sickly and training other medical professionals to keep people sickly.
    In today’s real world, she would be “let go” from her job if she went on major TV shows exposing the sunshine/Vitamin D fakery of international pharmaceutical drug pushers that is driving the American medical establishment to unexceptable levels of wealth.
    Fifty plus years ago I had an old university professor (who knew Carnegie personally) who would turn the color of a red delicious apple talking about Andrew Carnegie buying his soul back from the devil with all the libraries he built and his other too-little-too-late charities.
    The name of the game in medicine is profit and JoAnn Manson is at the top of the heap. Until she proves otherwise, I consider her 100% the problem, not the solution. We would all be appalled if we were exposed to how corrupt and crooked and conniving the upper levels of medicine are. Her video appearing on this site is enough to make me not renew my subscription.