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New trial shows vitamin D supplementation does not improve orthostatic hypotension

A new trial published in Journal of Hypertension has found that intermittent vitamin D supplementation does not improve orthostatic hypotension among elderly patients.

Orthostatic hypotension (OH) is defined as a drop in blood pressure that occurs when you stand up from a sitting or lying position. Symptoms of OH usually last a few minutes and include feeling dizzy or lightheaded, or fainting.

OH is a risk factor for falling among the elderly and is very common in people older than 65 years old with an estimated 30% prevalence in the general community and up to 70% in nursing homes.

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  About: Jeff Nicklas

Jeff Nicklas was a staff member for the Vitamin D Council from October 2013 to January 2015. He is now pursuing his passion for public health through graduate studies.

5 Responses to New trial shows vitamin D supplementation does not improve orthostatic hypotension

  1. Rita and Misty says:

    Syncope runs in my family, on the paternal side. I used to suffer greatly from this condition, and I don’t consider myself to be elderly (yet). My BP used to be very low. Since raising my 25(OH)D level to optimal, which for me is around 75 ng/ml to 90 ng/ml, I haven’t experienced syncope, and my BP is normal. Is this a coincidence? Who knows.

    Why would any researcher think that intermittent dosing of vitamin D would lead to good health?

    By the way, great what a great graphic on this blog. These fingers rival my pudgy ones. 😉

  2. Yes, proven again. You rarely get much benefit from vitamin D if the blood levels do not exceed 30 ng.
    This one of the several studies each week which prove this.

  3. John Cannell, MD says:

    I am surprised the vitamin D didn’t worsen orthostatic hypotension as vitamin D lowers blood pressure. The cause of orthostatic hypotension in the elderly is usually because their arteries lose their elasticity and become more like pipes than long balloons. Lower blood pressure in pipes will worsen orthostatic hypotension.

  4. Rita and Misty says:

    Dear John,

    Until I corrected for vitamin D deficiency, I had severely low blood pressure. Severely low blood pressure (I hope I am being redundant here). Anything would set me fainting (thump).

    One of the causes of severely low blood pressure would be hormonal imbalance. For example, an under-active thyroid. Am I correct? :)

    Once of the causes of hormonal imbalance is vitamin D deficiency. Correct?

    Perhaps an optimal vitamin D level will stabilize (normalize) blood pressure at either end.

    I find myself (once again) apologizing for being n=1.

    By the way, John, my total cholesterol used to be as low as 106. And I know how to eat. I’m not finicky when it comes to food. :) Now my total cholesterol is 157.