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New study suggests that vitamin D supplementation has no effect on testosterone levels

New research published in the journal Clinical Endocrinology suggests that vitamin D supplementation in vitamin D deficient men does not raise testosterone levels. 

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  About: Amber Tovey

Amber is the Program Manager for the Vitamin D Council. Her responsibilities include writing articles, editing, fundraising and brainstorming ways for the VDC to grow. Outside of work, she loves to enjoy the beautiful hills, beaches and sunshine in the Central Coast of California.

4 Responses to New study suggests that vitamin D supplementation has no effect on testosterone levels

  1. Amber Tovey says:

    Hi IAW,

    It is always great to hear success stories with vitamin D! In djbinding’s case, he had low levels of vitamin D, low levels of testosterone, and sufficient vitamin D supplementation to achieve healthy levels. It is quite possible that they didn’t observe significant effects due to such low vitamin D dosage, and since the participants already had healthy levels of testosterone.

  2. Rogerio Luz Coelho says:

    I reached the same conclusions as this study… with 153 male athletes with median D 28 ng/L had no correlation with Testosterone (data yet unpublised).

    But the caveat is that we did not supplement them and the supplementation in this current article is ludicrious (600 – 1200).

    Hope to see if VERY insufficient males (below 20 ng/mL) AND testosterone deficient can get their testosterone back just by supplementing vit D … THAT would be a HUGE study, since recently the NIH said that testosterone replacement therapy is dangerous.

  3. Magic says:

    It is a shame that so much money is spent to prove that inexpensive remedys don’t work.

    I have said that neither my wife or I have had the flu or colds for at least ten years. That is about the time that I “found” this site.

    Exercise is another very inexpensive “treatment.” Athletes are bound to be more healthy in many ways.