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Information on the latest vitamin D news and research.

Find out more information on deficiency, supplementation, sun exposure, and how vitamin D relates to your health.

New phase of my life

As of July 1st, I will enter a new phase of my life.  I will stop publishing peer-reviewed scientific papers and concentrate on getting vitamin D into the brains of autistic children. This will involve everything from treating children at the free clinic, public speaking about vitamin D and autism, running public service announcements on TV and radio, supporting the autism and vitamin D study at UCSF, and trying to get Congressional hearings on vitamin D and autism.  For that reason, from now on, please videotape your autistic child before starting the vitamin D and again six months after obtaining a blood levels of 80-100 ng/ml.  I may ask you to testify in the future, hopefully in Washington DC; before and after videotapes would be powerful testimony.

However, the free clinic, even with my time entirely donated, costs money.  Please help us by becoming a member of the Vitamin D Council.

While I am not planning on researching and publishing any more theories in peer reviewed journals, new scientific theories on vitamin D are waiting to be written.  For example, take one of the most common medical conditions in the USA, heartburn or GERD.  It involves a dysfunctional weakened muscle (esophageal sphincter) at the base of the esophagus.  Treatment is geared to stopping the side effects of this weak muscle, not strengthening the muscle itself. Like similar muscles in the bladder, which increase the risk of urinary incontinence in vitamin D deficient women, I suspect, and hereby theorize, that the esophageal muscle is weakened by vitamin D deficiency.  If any researchers are reading this, it is an easy correlation to do with whatever cohort you have access to, GERD symptoms or GERD diagnosis compared with 25(OH)D levels. (I understand if you don’t credit me as first theorizing it.) If any lay people are reading this, and you have, or used to have, GERD or heartburn, please email me a letter to this email address, telling me about heartburn before and after vitamin D, that is, did vitamin D (5,000 IU/day or more) appear to have an effect on the heartburn, one way or another?

  About: John Cannell, MD

Dr. John Cannell is founder of the Vitamin D Council. He has written many peer-reviewed papers on vitamin D and speaks frequently across the United States on the subject. Dr. Cannell holds an M.D. and has served the medical field as a general practitioner, emergency physician, and psychiatrist.

One Response to New phase of my life

  1. rkcannon@yahoo.com says:

    A coworker had acid reflux and was on a pill for it, but knew it was not good. I also convinced him to take D and he has for a year or so and got to 47 or so ng. A few months ago he said he had stopped the pills and only takes one if he gets indigestion which is rarely. So maybe the D did help. And another older coworker has reflux also but will only take 1000 units of D. So I will suggest he take more re this article.