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Does supplementation during both late pregnancy and early infancy influence the risk of respiratory infections?

In an interesting new analysis, researchers have found that vitamin D supplementation in pregnant mothers and subsequently in their newborn infants, together, may reduce the risk of developing acute respiratory infections.

Acute respiratory infections (ARIs) refer to any infection in either the upper or lower airways. ARIs are common in children under the age of five with an average of 3 to 6 cases per year.

Vitamin D receptors in both the immune and respiratory system indicate a direct role for vitamin D in these systems. With this in mind, vitamin D could play an important role during pregnancy and infancy in regards to the development of a healthy immune and respiratory system.

Yet, research on this topic has yielded mixed results. Some studies report higher that vitamin D levels during infancy may lead to improved immune and respiratory functioning.

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  About: Jeff Nicklas

Jeff Nicklas was a staff member for the Vitamin D Council from October 2013 to January 2015. He is now pursuing his passion for public health through graduate studies.