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Information on the latest vitamin D news and research.

Find out more information on deficiency, supplementation, sun exposure, and how vitamin D relates to your health.

Animal study: Vitamin D and metformin have a combined effect against colorectal cancer

New research in rats found that vitamin D and metformin interact together for a strong, chemopreventive effect against colorectal cancer. 

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  About: Will Hunter

Will is the Program Associate of the Vitamin D council and works on website administration, content production and editing, and fundraising. He is passionate about nutrition, exercise, and technology and how they relate to health and longevity.

One Response to Animal study: Vitamin D and metformin have a combined effect against colorectal cancer

  1. D-fiant says:

    This story got me really excited.
    I have been looking at Metformin for the last few weeks and discussing it with a diabetic friend, who also takes it.
    I first got to hear about it from a “Life Extension” article. It reported that generally speaking – otherwise healthy diabetics on metformin were outliving non-diabetics.
    Then I became aware of the anticancer side of metformin, whereas it is not a cure it helps in some cases to tone down the aggressiveness.
    I spoke to a professor last week about non-diabetics taking metformin as i was concerned that it could cause negative effects – his field was prostate cancer and he said that non-diabetic men with prostate cancer are taking the drug. He was quick to say that it is not a cure, I said yes, but if you die of something else, than that is a good thing. He nodded.

    If you have a cancer, do a search, type in your type of cancer and metformin.

    Vitamin D and metformin are turning out to be my favorite subjects.