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Information on the latest vitamin D news and research.

Find out more information on deficiency, supplementation, sun exposure, and how vitamin D relates to your health.

A wife, a mother and a vitamin D advocate, introducing the Vitamin D Council’s first ever Member of the Year, Ivy Walsh

Ivy Walsh was rewarded with the title, Vitamin D Council’s “Member of the Year” for 2015. The VDC team wanted to recognize her efforts in leading the vitamin D community on our Q&A forum. The majority of Q&A forum questions are answered by Ivy Walsh, a wife and mother of three. The Vitamin D Council cannot express our gratitude enough; Ivy has helped provide individuals with the knowledge needed to take action in their lives and improve their health. Now, here is Ivy’s story:

My name is Ivy Walsh and I am honored to be the Vitamin D Council’s “Member of the Year”! I was born in 1959 in Pennsylvania where I grew up with two wonderful parents and four of the greatest siblings a person could ask for. Once married, I finally landed in Virginia where I have lived for about 15 years. I am married with three great children in their twenties. We have one dog, Riley, who also takes vitamin D!

To make a long story short, my Vitamin D journey began with an integrative doctor back in 2005. I was extremely sick and after researching felt I had Hypothyroidism. Unfortunately, I was getting nowhere with conventional doctors. Along with medically recognizing and treating me for Hypothyroidism, he also tested my vitamin D level and found it to be 13ng/ml. I was first given the 50,000 IU of D2 for 8 weeks. When I tried to research Vitamin D on the internet and determine if this was an acceptable treatment, I found there really was not too much information out there.  Once treated, I went down to 1000 IU of Vitamin D3 per day. Over the years, my dosage increased. I was eventually diagnosed with Lyme disease.

In 2009, I sent my husband off to an integrative doctor. He came back with a handout about “the sunshine vitamin” and said his levels were low. So I said enough was enough; it seemed like every time I turned around someone was increasing the amount of Vitamin D I was taking and now my husband was deficient.  So back on the internet I went. I then found this wonderful website called the “Vitamin D Council” run by Dr. John Cannell. (I do not know if I “just missed” finding him in ’05 or what.) I was so enthralled with his information that I went back to the beginning and read “everything” he ever wrote. What an eye opener! To this day I listen to all podcasts, read all news, blogs and member statements on the website.

As for the “Q & A” forum, one day I realized that a few questions were starting to go unanswered. I can only assume that the Council’s days are fairly busy trying to spread the word on this devastating health crisis. After accumulating an abundance of knowledge on the topic from reading every single article posted on the Vitamin D Council, I felt I could step up to the plate and help others lead a path to improved health.

If you do not get the chance to read the Q & A forum, please let it be known that many people have thanked me for the website and being able to ask questions and get help. This has only been made possible because of all of the members of the VDC and their contributions. Also made possible by Dr. John Cannell for being one of the doctors, scientists and experts with the vision and tenacity to try and correct the misinformation being perpetuated about vitamin D and for providing a venue to disperse up to date information that vitamin D plays a large role in many health conditions, outside of its classical role in bone health!

3 Responses to A wife, a mother and a vitamin D advocate, introducing the Vitamin D Council’s first ever Member of the Year, Ivy Walsh

  1. Rita Celone Umile says:

    <3 I'm always impressed with the speed of response and thoroughness of reply that Ivy consistently provides to those who write here with vitamin D questions.

    Simply put–she is amazing.


    Congratulations, Ivy, and thank you for your kindness!

  2. Rita Celone Umile says:

    :) :) :) You are doing what I wish time permitted me to do….and for your attention to this cause, I am grateful. Truly.